Posted on: 23 October 2019

Nurses and other hospital staff in the northern suburbs will have access to an extra 250 spaces in a newly constructed car park opposite the Lyell McEwin Hospital, the Marshall Liberal Government has announced today.

Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade said the State Liberal Government will enter into a new lease agreement with Northwest Healthcare Australian Property Pty Ltd and Perpetual Corporate Trust for dedicated staff car park spaces within a new multi-deck car park to be built on Haydown Road.

“We are committed to ensuring the community has access to quality health care services in a modern hospital setting, and the new car park will support the increase in future services,” Minister Wade said.

“Providing a safe environment for our staff, patients, and visitors is a high priority. We have listened to staff concerns and are working with them to make our hospitals and surrounds safer.

“Due for completion in mid-2020 subject to approvals, the leasing of 250 new car park spaces will provide better access for staff to the old main entrance of the hospital, which we know is still a well-utilised entrance.

“The car park will provide secure after-hours access for staff, appropriately lit access, and CCTV security camera coverage.”

Minister Wade said the 250 new parking spaces were in addition to the $7 million multi-deck expansion within the hospital grounds for staff, patients and visitors.

“As announced in July, a 205-space, five-level extension to the western side of the existing multi-deck car park facility will help cater for increasing demand as the catchment of the Northern Local Health Network (NALHN) continues to grow.”

The existing multi-deck extension will also alleviate the loss of around 67 existing front entry car parks that will be removed to make way for the proposed Emergency Department expansion and new Mental Health Short Stay Unit, and offer additional car parks to the public and staff.

The 250 spaces obtained through this new lease agreement will address the staff car park spaces lost from the sale of the vacant land on Mark Road when that lease agreement concludes.

The announcement comes as the Auditor-General Report showed the Marshall Liberal Government invested more than $5 million extra in security services, predominantly in additional security guards, throughout SA Health sites in the past financial year.

NALHN Chief Executive Officer, Maree Geraghty, said it’s an exciting time for both the local health network as a whole and the staff based at the Lyell McEwin Hospital.

“The northern suburbs have the highest population growth in South Australia – with a quarter of the State’s population expected to live here by 2026,” Ms Geraghty said.

“The new lease will accommodate the long-term requirements for the northern suburbs and will improve accessibility as demand on the hospital continues to grow.

“The existing multi-deck car park has a capacity of 1,227 spaces, and once the new section is complete there will be a total of 1,432 car park spaces in the existing multi-deck, plus the 250 new leased staff car parks opposite the hospital from July next year.

“In addition to increasing car parks, we have also taken steps to increase onsite security and have held staff information sessions on personal and community safety and situational awareness, led By SAPOL, following recent violent incidents in recent months across public hospitals.

“We are committed to providing a safe working environment for our staff and have been reviewing lighting, monitoring and functionality of CCTV, security patrols and duress alarms on the site and are also in consultation with the precinct partners that include the local council to look at streetscape upgrades, such as increasing width of footpaths and trimming of trees.

“NALHN’s escort service started last month, which provides a vehicle after hours driven by a guard to take staff to their car for those that park on roads around the hospital within a prescribed radius.

“We thank our staff and consumers for their patience during construction of both car parks and upcoming redevelopment of the hospital.”



Additional Car Parking at Lyell McEwin Hospital