Posted on: 27 August 2021

I’m pleased to provide an update on the Marshall Liberal Government’s 2021-22 State Budget and what it means for residents in the north east. This Budget is our blueprint for a stronger South Australia - creating jobs, building what matters and delivering better services to further secure our growing global reputation as one of the safest and most attractive places in the world to live, work and raise a family.

We have listened and we understand that the health system needs to be rebalanced towards mental health. The existing mental health facility at Modbury Hospital, Woodleigh House, was built in the 1970’s and does not meet contemporary standards for mental health care. The Marshall Liberal Government has committed $48 million to construct a new 20-bed older persons acute mental health facility at Modbury Hospital.

This project will replace the ageing Woodleigh House facility and provide older people suffering acute mental health issues a new facility that meets their needs. The new facility is expected to be opened by 2025, creating much-needed jobs during the construction phase. This project will allow for the transfer of the current older person’s mental health unit from the Lyell McEwin Hospital to the new Modbury facility, with mental health services at Woodleigh House transferring to fit for purpose facilities at the Lyell McEwin Hospital. The co-location of these services at Modbury Hospital, alongside existing geriatric, and palliative care services at the site, will contribute to the development of a centre of excellence for older persons’ health and wellbeing in Northern Adelaide.

The new mental health facility at Modbury Hospital is part of a broader $163 million investment into the State’s mental health system, adding beds, building new facilities, and helping ease pressure on emergency departments across Adelaide. Some other initiatives include:

  • A 16-bed, 24/7 crisis stabilisation centre in Adelaide’s northern suburbs for mental health consumers;
  • $12 million for the creation of additional Psychiatric Intensive Care bed capacity in the hospital system;
  • $8.4 million per annum to increase community mental health services and reduce the number of people presenting to hospitals;
  • $7.3 million to continue mental-health related supports specifically related to the COVID19 pandemic;
  • A $5 million investment to provide additional housing for people with mental health disability;
  • $5 million over two years to support the immediate needs of the mental health workforce;
  • $4.5 million per annum (indexed) to expand the delivery of urgent mental health care to the community, including through extending the Adelaide Urgent Mental Health Care Centre to a 24-hour model.

Building what matters is another important focus of this Budget. Since 2018, I have listened to many residents share their concerns with parking at the Tea Tree Plaza Interchange and the overflow of parking on nearby streets. Prior to the pandemic, residents couldn’t get a park at the existing facility after 8am.

The Marshall Liberal Government is addressing this by investing $48.5 to build a new multi-storey Park ‘n’ Ride at TTP to provide an additional 400 car parks – building on the 700 existing car parks at the current facility. This project will mean a faster and easier commute for residents in the north east with a more than 50 per cent increase on car park capacity. No longer will motorists be forced to drive around in circles at the existing facility looking for a free spot and no longer will they need to spill out onto suburban streets surrounding the plaza when they can’t find one.

Our Government will continue to drive down costs, ending the massive bill hikes endured under 16 years of Labor. Compared to 2018, hardworking families are $940 a year better off, through the Marshall Government’s range of cost-of-living relief measures, including reductions in average household water and sewerage bills (an average $191 a year saving), cheaper ESL bills ($184), cheaper electricity ($269), reduced car rego costs through lower CTP Insurance premiums for a 2 car family ($196) and a doubling of sports vouchers for school children’s swimming, dance and other sports lessons (from $50 to $100). In this budget year 8 and 9 students will also be eligible for sports vouchers from January 2022. Even more household budget relief is on the way, with the SA-NSW interconnector set to deliver cheaper, cleaner and more reliable electricity.

The cost of doing business in South Australia will also be lessened, with the Budget continuing on with significant relief in water bills, land tax and payroll tax – including a 12-month extension to payroll tax relief for employers who hire new eligible apprentices and trainees.

This Budget charts a clear path out of the pandemic, with thousands of new jobs to be created through a record infrastructure investment that will see new and upgraded roads, rail, schools and hospitals, delivering ongoing employment opportunities right across the state, including for trades. For a detailed look at the 2020-21 State Budget, please visit

Budget 21/22